PMO, Governance, and IV&V

Enterprise Program Managemnt (EPMO)

Professional Project/Program Management is an important block to ensure the sucsess of project, program and portfolio management. It is critical under today's competitive conditions. These changes in the global IT environment have increased demands for superior quality, lower cost and faster completion of projects. To achieve a strategic advantage, government agencies are initiating critical projects with an imperative to achieve the expected results within approved budgets. Project/Program Management capabilities offered by Zip Zap IT based on proven methods and tools delivered by qualified and skilled practitioners. In practice, they exercise control over IT-enabled investments in ways that minimise risk, improve quality, roll up dashboards, and deliver the agreed capability to the business. Our capabilities include:

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • PMO implementation
  • Project recovery
  • Project audits and assessments
  • Value Proposition.
Zip Zap IT Project/Program Management capability can significantly improve the contribution of the IT function to the economic performance of the enterprise and strengthen IT's credibility. For IT managers who must do more with less to estimate and deliver projects reliably, Fujitsu develops people and organisational capabilities that help transform client teams into effective, credible IT organisations.


The right Governance model for today might not always be the right model for tomorrow, but creating and evolving digital governance is essential for the agency to thrive in a digitally transformed world. Zip Zap IT understand that Governance is a central component of successful digital transformation and that IT executives in federal government are using digital advances such as cloud, analytics, mobility, social media, and smart devices to modernize their businesses.Changing customer interactions, internal business processes and business models to take advantage of new technological capabilities. while all digital technology implementation presents new opportunities, it also creates new challenges. Our team and experice shows that governance is a crucial of success in managing digital transformation. Our experince and research examine new digital challenges, vital elements of digital governance and digital transformations.

An important objective of governance is to make enterprise-level platforms happen. It can be very difficult to build a single view of customers or an integrated view of operations without strong governance. IT Governance provide clearer information to senior IT leadership and serve as the bases for advanced capabilities and new digital services.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

We offer Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of public sector mission critical programs and systems to help agencies meet requirements and deliver quality results. Zip Zap IT implements some of the largest, most complex IT solutions and business transformations in the world. So we intimately understand the challenges of developing and deploying these programs. We apply this experience – along with our IV&V methodology – to support government agencies in meeting their mission and objectives by becoming trusted advisors to:

  • Mitigate program risk
  • Reduce time and cost over runs
  • Increase solution quality

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