Data & Analytics

The need to manage Data and extract analytics is growing, and the leaders are facing escalating complexity in their data landscape. Zip Zap IT data management solution predictions acknowledge key developments and growing demand for all data and cloud capabilities, connected data architectures, metadata and the automation of routine tasks through the application of AI.


As organizations need expands on how they create and use data, IT leaders must transform how they standarise, govern, use, control and manage increasingly distributed data assets. Modern data management solutions must become expansive, flexible and outcome-focused. Zip Zap IT work with your organization to lay out a roadmap to include:

  • Emerging data management challenges
  • Data integration and data quality
  • Operational and analytical infrastructure
  • Metadata and master data management

To help the organization overcome data challenges, our team's understanding, and experience into data management solutions that tie into related agendas, such as analytics and BI solutions, data and analytics programs, application development and platforms, and integration architecture and platforms. Our understanding to answer the following:

  • How can existing data solutions be modernized for strategic Enterprise solution?
  • How do we develop data management capabilities to meet IT challenges?
  • How should we evaluate data management solutionsp and technologies?


Zip Zap IT works with your organization to rethink the strategies and identify key areas of innovation and modernization to meet such demands. A common theme is a shift toward a more dynamic data management infrastructure that enables connecting and traversing distributed data assets, regardless of location, and with a deeper understanding of the diversity of formats, semantics and governance requirements.

Also, supporting patterns that involve collecting data will be critical. Balancing connecting and collecting is a foundational principle of modern data management solutions. Achieving such an infrastructure requires the focus on a core set of common capabilities and a rich backplane of metadata.

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