Enterprise IT

As organizations transform to capture the opportunities of digital, digital innovation and strategic IT are increasingly being driven by the business. In this more-fragmented environment, enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders use four practices to build collaboration.

Create the Architecture of Collaboration

Zip Zap IT collaborate with your organization to add business value to enable Enterprise Architecture (EA) to help individuals and groups across the organization to collaborate. We use architecture to help individuals and groups gain insight into an issue, make smart decisions and collaborate to deliver outcomes. There is no room for the old-style "command and control" approach to architecture that focuses on standardization and highly structured decision making. A collaborative approach focuses on allowing the different groups to be successful at what they do and to synchronize with other groups. Zip Zap IT collaborates with the organization EA to focus on building the skills of individual players, the focus on creating a team out of individual talents.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Fresh

One thing is for sure, that the practice of EA (Set Direction; Reach Back; Define Foundation; Reach Out) will continue to evolve. By keeping EA simple, iterative, fresh and useful, and following the four practices of EA, organizations can increase their value and impact, and increase business and IT integration

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